Our chandelier services include:

Rewiring, replacing sockets, fixing or replacing damaged or lost parts, general refurbishing, refinishing, installing large chandeliers, and complete detailed cleaning of chandelier frames and crystals. Because we at Chandelier Restoration Chicago have a long history in this business, we have gained an extensive knowledge of how to make an older chandelier look the way it did when it was made. However we also have the ability to turn an older chandelier into modern design and look. During this history of experience we have accumulated an abundance of chandelier parts that can no longer be found anywhere else. We have the ability to come and remove large chandeliers to be worked on in our workshop, or if it is necessary to work onsite, then handle the chandelier installation.

Commercial Chandelier Restoration

We are insured with up to two million dollars liability insurance as well as workers compensation insurance, which could allow our crew to work ONSITE as well as in our shop. Our commercial customers have expressed to us that they appreciated our quick response, ability to work with their team and to be able to get the work done on a deadline, while completing a flawless restoration.

Large Light fixture Installation

The team at Chandelier Restoration Chicago are the foremost experts of large lighting fixture installations.  With years of experience in difficult lighting installations the team has developed unique solutions to handle all situations.  We have experience with installing lighting in building with 60 foot ceilings and we have experience with lighting fixtures that are as big as 30 ft long and 20 ft wide.